Bowser Cold Pressure Washers

Bowser-wash Self Contained Cleaning System

Bowser Unit


  • The pressure washer is rated at 200 bar (2900psi) @ 15 litres / min. Powered by either a 10hp Honda petrol engine, or a 10 hp Yanmar or Honda diesel engine, (hand or electric start).
  • A 3 piston plunger pump is gearbox driven and fitted with integral by-pass unloader and detergent injection facility.
  • The high pressure hose reel is fitted with 30 metres of twin-wire hose with quick release couplings.
  • The 1100 litre, baffled tank is available in red, blue, yellow or green.
  • Hose reel is an optional extra.


This unit can be supplied with a selection of accessories as follows:-

  • "Armex" system for graffiti removal using a soluble baking soda abrasive.
  • Floor cleaning unit for fast cleaning of large areas.
  • Turbo lance for the removal of chewing gum.

Please contact us if you require any further information on bowser units.